Restaurant customers are a targeted market with disposable income.

The Miracle Mats Story


Miracle Mats, established in 1981, has provided fine restaurants in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey with custom-designed placemats featuring local businesses and services advertising on the placemat. Miracle Mats is dedicated to the idea that networking with other businesses in the community is advantageous to both the restaurant and the advertiser, and our placemats provide the opportunity to do just that. We appreciate that many fine restaurants and advertisers share this philosophy.


The key to our success is the quality of the product we provide. More than half of the space on the placemat belongs to the restaurant and is designed to their specifications in both format and color. Our placemats invite reading, featuring possibly a history of the restaurant, local historical trivia, games and puzzles, or menu items that the restaurant wishes to highlight. Miracle Mats placemats are printed on twenty-pound bond paper, a high quality stock — and diners often choose to take one home with them, as a souvenir or a source of local information.


 The advertisements are limited in number and exclusive in their categories. We provide our advertisers with professional consultation, and expert graphic design, making each ad a “jewel” which will result in increased traffic and “word of mouth” referrals for them. Since Miracle Mats advertising guarantees exposure, we like to call them “Mini-Billboards” and our renewal rate indicates the success our advertisers enjoy.


For more information you may e-mail or call us at (860) 871-2173.

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Miracle Mats Provides a Restaurant with the Opportunity to Network with Other Businesses in the Community

Placemat ads have successfully reached a targeted market with disposable income.

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