Miracle Mats proud to serve Mitchell's in Vernon CT
Miracle Mats proud to serve Bonnie-Jean's Kitchen in Stafford
Miracle Mats serving Casey's in Ellington

A few of many restaurants where Miracle Mats placemats have been working wonders:

Casey's Cafe & Sports Bar, Ellington, CT

Bonnie-Jean's Kitchen, Stafford, CT

Mitchell's Restaurant, Rocky Hill, CT

Miracle Mats Will Work Wonders for Your Restaurant


Miracle Mats: A Wise Choice for Restaurants. Every successful restaurateur knows that controlling costs while maintaining consistent quality is an important key to retaining and expanding their customer base.


Miracle Mats, established in 1981, has worked with some of the most popular restaurants in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, providing custom designed placemats printed on 20-pound bond paper.  Some restaurants choose to feature menu items, historical trivia, puzzles and games, or a history of the restaurant itself as two-thirds of the placemat is called “the restaurant’s space.”  The other one-third consists of display ads or listings of local businesses and services which are tastefully designed with you in mind.


Here is some of the feedback we have received from restaurants that have used Miracle Mats:


“People don’t like a bare table; linen is expensive and even plain paper placemats of poor quality have more than tripled in price over the years.”


“My waitstaff feels less pressure as diners find the placemats interesting reading while they wait for their meal to be served.”


“It is much easier to maintain the strict standards of cleanliness necessary where food is served, when we provide an underliner placemat.”


“Customers have complimented us on the information we provide on our placemats and often ask to take one home with them.”


“We have noticed that business owners who advertise on our placemats frequent our  restaurant more, especially when they are with clients.”


MIRACLE MATS will work wonders for your business! For more information you may e-mail sales@miraclemats.com or call us at (860) 871-2173.

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